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Product Formulation

Ecomins products are developed by a group of professional product developers from Immense Biotech. Each product developer in the team has relevant professional background and works hand in hand towards the company's goal, which is to produce healthy foods/supplements with the highest quality to the public. From the beginning of the development of product formulation, we adhere to the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia in order to identify the nutrients needed by all age groups and develop related products for the target groups accordingly.

Raw Material Selection

Before the procurement of the raw materials, Immense Biotech communicates with various manufacturers very carefully in order to understand their background, the functions and qualities of the raw materials which are supplied by them. Most of the raw materials that we chose are protected by patented technology or supported by clinical experiments. The raw materials contain large amount of active ingredients. Some of them are even processed by high-tech methods so that they are easier to be absorbed by the human body, as well as are able to achieve certain health benefits faster and more effectively. Furthermore, we also ensure that the selected raw materials are safe, in which the contents of heavy metals and microorganisms do not exceed the standard levels. Depending on the target groups, we choose and use "Halal" raw materials for some products accordingly, so that all races in Malaysia can experience the benefits of our products. All these important tasks are always supervised by the R&D Manager. With this, all steps will be carried out properly, and no small details will be overlooked.

Quality Assurance

Immense Biotech cooperates with the factories which hold a number of health and safety management system certifications including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry (MeSTI), Halal and other certifications, after careful selections. Besides that, all the factories are also experienced in manufacturing healthy foods/supplements. Therefore, the qualities and specifications of the production lines are beyond doubt. After the production of the products, the finished products of Ecomins will be tested by the SGS laboratory in order to ensure that the content of heavy metals and microorganisms of our products are within safe levels. In addition, all the finished products are well stored under conditions with good storage practice so that they remain fresh and will not spoil.

Professional Support

The health conditions of customers are always the top priority of Immense Biotech. Therefore, qualified dietitians and nutritionists of Immense Biotech are always there to provide product-related or health-related knowledge and suggestions to the sales and customer service departments. Coupled with the support from the product developers, the sales and customer service departments are able to answer all product-related questions from the customers more accurately after understanding the customers’ current health conditions. With this, we can assure all customers that it is safe to consume Ecomins products and you can now experience the benefits of Ecomins products without any worries.

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