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Polisi Pertukaran dan Bayaran Balik

This exchange and refund policy shall form part of the terms and conditions that shall be applicable and binding upon all Buyer of the Companies. 

The Companies reserves the right to unilaterally change, modify, add, or remove any terms herein at any time and the changes and/or amendments shall take effect immediately upon the same are posted and/or published on the official website.  

The Buyer shall check the terms and conditions herein regularly and the continuing usage and/or access of the official website and its entailing services and/or facilities following the posting and/or publication of the changes to the terms and conditions herein shall be deemed an acceptance of those changes. 

Any non-compliance or breach of any of the term herein will result in the immediate revocation of the service herein without any notice to the Buyer. 

  1. Definitions 
  1. In these terms, the following definitions shall apply: 
  1. “Buyer” means the buyer or purchaser of goods bought or purchased through the Companies, its Dealer or its official website; 
  1. “Companies” means the group of companies of ECOMINS or its related corporation or its affiliates or its authorised company who has the authority or distributorship to sell the Goods and/or produces or has full ownership rights in the Goods; 
  1. “Dealer” means the person or entity authorised or appointed by Companies who sells the Goods to the Buyer; 
  1. “Goods” means any goods, products or merchandises listed and made available for sale by the Companies, its Dealer or its official website and/or purchased by the Buyer through the Companies, its Dealer or its official website;  
  1. General Terms 
  1. Certain category of Goods purchased from the Companies by the Buyer and shipped from and by the Companies are eligible for exchange or refund subject to terms and conditions herein contained. 
  1. Different policies or requirements may apply to different category of Goods. 
  1. The exchange and refund policy applies only to purchases made directly from the Companies, its Dealer and/or its official website. 
  1. Firstly, where the Buyer is eligible for a remedy by reason of defects of the purchased Goods and rectification or repair is possible and available as a remedy from the Companies, the only remedy shall lie in the rectification or repair of the purchased Goods. 
  1. Secondly, where Goods are not rectifiable and/or reparable under Clause 2.4 above or at the discretion of the Companies, the Buyer will be entitled to an exchange of the Goods. 
  1. Lastly, where exchange of Goods are not possible and available under Clause 2.5 above or at the discretion of the Companies, the Buyer will then be entitled to a refund of the Goods within thirty (30) days from the date of notification of the Companies provided always that the Goods shall have been returned by the Buyer to the Companies.   
  1. While reporting damage or requesting for an exchange or refund, the Buyer must take a clear coloured photograph and/or video, as the case may be, showing and identifying the conditions and/or defects of the Goods and submit the evidence of same via email address at [email protected]
  1. All decisions made by the Companies on exchange or refund of Goods shall be final and conclusive. 

3. Exchange or Refund of Goods 

  1. Subject to Clause 4 below, the Buyer is entitled to an exchange or refund, as the case may be, on the following reasons:- 

(a) Wrong Goods have been delivered to the Buyer; 

(b) The Goods are no longer produced or withdrawn by the Companies; 

(c) Manufacturing or workmanship defects against the Goods which is not due to the act and/or omission, either directly or indirectly, of the Buyer; 

(d) Broken or damaged packaging box or outermost plastic layer which is not due to the act and/or omission, either directly or indirectly, of the Buyer; or   

(e) The Goods expire on the date of receipt by the Buyer.  

3.2 Upon receipt of the photograph and/or video by the Buyer, the Companies will arrange for an inspection of the Goods and subsequently notify the Buyer via email within a reasonable period of time, whether the Buyer is entitled to an exchange or refund, provided always that Clause 4 below shall apply mutatis mutandis

3.3 The Buyer may choose to select an exchange for other Goods of equivalent or higher value:-  

  1. If the exchange is for Goods of lesser value than the purchased Goods, the Buyer shall not be entitled to any refund of the difference of its value. 
  1. If the exchange is for Goods of higher value than the purchased Goods, the Buyer shall be required to pay the Companies the difference of the purchase price prior to the delivery. 
  1. If the Buyer fails to pay for the difference of the purchase price for the higher valued exchanged Goods or the cost of redelivery within 14 days of such notification, it shall be deemed that the Buyer does not wish to exchange the Goods. The Companies reserves the rights to store the Goods until the Buyer has paid the cost of redelivery and the storage fees incurring thereto shall be borne by the Buyer.  

3.4 Upon the date of notification from the Companies to the Buyer that the Goods are entitled for an exchange or refund, the Buyer shall within three (3) working days thereof deliver the Goods to the Companies with its interest intact together with all packaging and accessories, including but not limited to its original packaging, certificates of authenticity, appraisal & grading, retail box, manuals, booklets, warranty cards, labels, cables, any loose pieces, any accompanying documentations and all other items originally included together with the package of the Goods as delivered to the Buyer provided always that the Goods shall be in the same state and condition as the photograph and/or video as it was sent vide the email to the Companies. 

3.5 Original receipts and/or proof of purchase must be enclosed in the packaging for the exchange or refund of the Goods to the Companies.  

4. Exclusions and Limitations 

4.1 The exchange and/or refund policy does not cover any of the followings:- 

  1. normal wear and tear; 
  1. any damages, defects, malfunction and/or faulty consumables and/or accessories which require periodic replacements in the ordinary course of use; 
  1. any damages, defects and/or failure of the Goods which has been tampered with, dismantled, repair and/or modified by any person not authorized by our Companies; 
  1. any damages, defects and failures arising from replacement of component parts with any non-genuine parts; 
  1. any abuse, negligence, misuse, improper care, mishandling, tampering or wrongful management of the Goods by the Buyer or third parties; 
  1. any use of the Goods contrary to its manuals and/or user guides; 
  1. any damages, dents, defacement, scratches, stains, or marks caused to the Goods’ external covers caused by the Buyer or third parties; 
  1. any damages and failures arising from or due to external effects such as power supply; 
  1. any damages, defects, malfunctions to or in the Goods howsoever arising from, caused by or incidental to any external cause (including accidents, fire, lightning, Act of God, or caused by insects, pests or any other such like matters); 
  1. any malfunctions, damages and/or defects arising from shipping or storage of Goods; 
  1. any falsification, damage, removal or tampering of serial number on the Goods or warranty certificate or proof of purchase; 
  1. storage of the Goods in a location exposed to direct sunlight, blocked ventilation, unstable surface, insufficient space or extreme temperatures;  
  1. any assignment, sale or transfer of the Product by the Buyer to any other party not directly purchased from Companies; or 
  1. Defects or any abnormalities of Goods due to defective installation and/or improper care on the Buyer’s part shall not be a ground for exchange. 

4.2 Complaints that the Goods purchased do not perform according to the Buyer’s expectations or purposes shall not be a valid reason for exchange or refund, unless the Goods wholly and completely fails to perform according to representation and descriptions provided by the Companies or its Dealer, or fails to perform in accordance with the intended purposes which the Goods were manufactured for. 

5. Shipping 

5.1 Where the Buyer seek rectification or exchange or refund of the Good purchased, and until the Goods are returned to the Companies, any damages or losses, or any further damages or losses suffered to the condition and/or quality of the Goods in the process of delivery as the case may be, shall be at Buyer’s own risk. 

5.2 Where Goods are fragile, the Buyer is responsible to ensure that the Goods are properly packed and secured for delivery with durable material. 

5.3 The condition and quality of the Goods returned to the Companies must be in the condition and quality of such Goods as and when the same was first delivered to the Buyer. 

5.4 All goods subject for exchange or refund shall be shipped back to the following address, or any other addresses as may be so specified by the Companies:  

1, Jalan PPU 3A,  

Pusat Teknologi Sinar Puchong, 

47150 Puchong,  

Selangor, Malaysia. 

5.5 The mode of shipping for return to the Companies must made through a trackable delivery service or personal hand delivery to the Companies at the address abovestated. 

5.6 In the event the Buyer is entitled for a refund or exchange of the Goods under Clause 3.2 above, the shipping charges incurred by the Buyer for the refund or exchange of the Goods will be borne by the Companies provided always that:-  

  1. The postage / courier receipt must be sent to the Companies through email ([email protected]); 
  1. At the sole discretion of the Companies, the shipping charges may be made to the Buyer through the same mode of payment when the Buyer purchases the Goods (where payment was effected by bank transfer, cheque or credit card), with additional administrative charges or terms and conditions as may be imposed by the bank, if any.  

6. Notice 

6.1 Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other hereunder shall be in writing and addressed if to the Companies, to its registered office or principal place of business and if to the Buyer, to the address stipulated in the member account. 

6.2 A notice by way of writing shall be deemed sufficient, if it is performed electronically, such as through email or any other electronic means of communication. 

Steps to request for exchange or refund of the Goods: 

(1) Exchange or Refund of Goods by way of postage/ courier: 

(2) Exchange or refund of Goods with physical attendance of the Buyer in the Companies’ office 

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