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Strengthen immunity and vitality

ASODI is inspired by the term SOD (superoxide dismutase), an enzyme that helps you get rid of bacteria, viruses, free radicals and any harmful agents in your body. 

SOD is a naturally occurring antioxidant released by our enzymatic antioxidant system. 

However, as we age, the amount of SOD in our bodies gradually decreases, and this begins after the age of 30! 

When combined with an imbalance in food intake and aging, this will trigger a series of inflammatory responses in the body and eventually weakens our physical strength and immunity. And therefore, we have to replenish SOD, consistently. 

ASODI is a natural immune booster packed with powerful antioxidants and precious patented nutrients to help your body build a strong shield to keep the “bad guys” out, improve your overall immunity and supply essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy! 
immune functions
healthy metabolism
powerful antioxidants
chronic illnesses
Cope with
viral infections
Effective against
fever and flu symptoms​
blood pressure & glucose level ​
Slow down
aging process​
skin’s youthfulness

What makes ASODI so Special

ASODI is a plant-based functional food that is completely natural. It's a unique blend of clinically proven nutrients that works to provide nutrition that enhances our immune system while bringing numerous health advantages. Because each ASODI sachet contains:

Exclusive Patented Embedding Technology

Protect SOD and precious ingredients from gastric acid or digestive enzymes so they can reach small intestines to be absorbed and put to good use.

Special Honeydew Species

1 in 1000. In 1000 kg of cantaloupe, only 1 kg of cantaloupe essence can be extracted.

Patented Ingredients

Key ingredients are patented, backed by clinical researches to ensure the maximum capacity and effectiveness of the active ingredients and nutrients.

Advanced Biotechnology

Increase the body absorption and utilization of the ingredients.

Complex Algae

Multiple immune-activating​ polysaccharides (enriched with Fucoidan), which has proven that can strengthen our immunity and fight against diseases.

Who needs ASODI?

It is great for anyone who needs help in enhancing their immune functions, especially people with the below conditions:

Getting sick often

Viral infections


Chronic illnesses

Post-vaccination symptoms

Imbalanced diet & nutrition

Lack of exercises

High stress level

Unhealthy lifestyle & habits

Exclusive Formula & Essential Ingredients

ASODI is formulated using 7 unique nutrients

Rose Petals
Fermented Soybean
Green Tea
Green Coffee
Barley Leaves

Product Reviews

See what our customers say about us! And how ASODI helps them improve their quality of life.
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Direction for Use

For adults, take 1 to 3 sachets daily, 30 minutes to 1 hour before or after food. But if you need a stronger boost to your immune functions, you can increase your dose to 4 to 6 sachets per day.

For children, ½ to 1 sachet is sufficient per day.

ASODI tastes so great that you can either take it directly or mix it with plain water or any juices as you want.

ASODI comes in a thin sachet. You can just put it in your bag, and take it with you to get a boost anytime, anywhere!

Our bodies are natural wonders.
They just need the right food and nutrition to work miracles.


Can baby or children consume ASODI?

For baby (below 6 months): half sachet/day.
For children (above 6 months ~ 12years): 1 sachet/day.
For children (above 12years): 1-2 sachets/day.

How and when to consume ASODI?

We suggest that you consume directly. You may also mix it well in water and consume. 2 sachets per day is recommended for health maintenance. It can be consumed before or after meal.

Can pregnant and lactating women consume ASODI?

Yes. ASODI is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Can people with kidney disease consume ASODI?

Yes. However, do not consume more than the recommended quantity - 3 sachets.

How long should I consume ASODI to see improvement?

Different individual has different responses. We recommend that you consume it for at least 1 month.

Is ASODI suitable for long term consumption?

Yes. ASODI is a health food that provides nutrition to support your body’s immune system.

Can ASODI become the replacement of medicines or cancer therapy?

No. ASODI is a food product and it cannot replace medicines or cancer therapy. Cancer patient can consume ASODI as an immune booster. However, we recommend that you consult the doctor at the same time.

Can I consume ASODI when I am sick (fever, flu, cough)?

Yes. ASODI is a food product that boosts the immune system. However, it cannot be used to replace medications for fever, flu and cough. You are still recommended to consult the doctor for proper diagnosis.

Can I consume ASODI with other medications or supplements at the same time? Are there any contraindications

ASODI can be consumed together with other supplements provided that the supplements/food products you take do not contain the same ingredients as ASODI in order to avoid over dosage. You can consult the dietitian/nutritionist for more information about supplements. You are recommended to consult the doctor if you are taking certain medications.

Can I consume ASODI If I am allergic to pollen/soy bean?

It is not recommended to consume. You can consult the doctor for more information.

Can I consume more than 3 sachets of ASODI a day?

You can consume up to 3 sachets a day for the best result. However, if you would like to consume more than 3 sachets, you are recommended to gradually increase the amount. Do not consume more than 6 sachets a day.

Can I consume ASODI with milk, juice or any beverages?

Do not add ASODI into hot milk (50 degree) or any acidic drinks (e. g. : lemon juice). Please consume within 30 minutes.

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