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Problem: Knee Pain

After consuming NeeFlex for 2 months, knee pain has reduced! Ability to climb stairs improved!

Problem: Elbow Joint Pain

After taking for 10 days, elbow joint no longer hurts!

Problem: Spine & Back Pain

After taking NeeFlex for 1 week, her spine & back pain due to previous injury have improved!

Problem: Soreness after standing for a long time

NeeFlex is fruity and delicious! Soreness greatly reduced even after standing for a long time!

Problem: Joint Clicking Sound

After taking NeeFlex, joint clicking sound disappeared!

Problem: Cracking Sound at Knee Joints

After taking a box & a half, there is no more cracking sound at knee joints.

Problem: Knee Pain

After taking 2 boxes, knee joint pain improved!

Problem: Knee Pain

After taking it for 8 days, knee pain has reduced!

Problem: Energy Level

After consuming for 5 days, energy level UP and not easy to get tired!

Problem: Energy Level

Energy level improved, no more dozing off & feel better after taking 1 sachet a day!

Problem: Fever

Her child’s fever (symptom) healed after taking 2 sachets!

Problem: Covid-19 Vaccine Reaction

After taking ASODI, there was no adverse reaction after Covid vaccination!

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