Regain Youth and Vitality
SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)  is hidden within the name, just like the actual SOD is hidden inside our body and carry out the responsibility in secret in order to destroy the EVIL and enormous free radicals.  PATENTED extracts of cantaloupe, rose petal and fermented soy bean, as well as seaweed, green coffee and green tea extracts, which are able to build an “army” to fight for your health.


Regain Flexibility and Mobility
Curcumin has long been regarded as the spice for joint inflammation. Joint pain is very common around us, especially in elderly, athlete and labour worker. Why must we let joint pain to disturb our lives? We should be brave to say “NO” to joint pain, but how? NeeFlex, with 7 “saviours” of joint, curcumin, collagen, piperine, moringa, cat’s claw, vitamin C and zinc-enriched yeast. Joint pain is just a piece of cake for them. NeeFlex, makes your knees flexible, makes your joints flexible!

We Care About Safety & Quality

We engage third party labs to tests our products for for heavy metals, pathogens, and contaminants to ensure they are safe for your consumption.  Learn more about Our Practice.

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