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Our Story

The word "Eco" means to connect with nature, and "mins" literally means "minutes." Every minute of our lives, we should appreciate the goodness of nature.

Founded in 2018, Ecomins blooms from the inspiration of believing in the power of nature. It was established with the pure intent to empower people to take a step towards better health with the power of natural nourishment.

Prevention is always better than Cure

The key to maintaining long-term health is to be proactive. In this modern era, many of us are living in a fast-paced and hectic environment, especially in Asian countries where the lifestyle is exceptionally competitive and stressful. Despite the busy life, people are becoming more health-conscious and desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases, but they are clueless about what to do, where to begin or what is best for them.

Ecomins was founded to provide you with health solutions that cater to Asian lifestyle and diet that can help you in achieving your health goals, fulfilling your daily nutritional needs, and guiding you through your wellness journey. We help you regain control of your own health at your own pace with quality health food. We'd all want to live a long and happy life rather than experience the pain and suffering that might come with illness.

Aspired to help people become healthier and happier, Ecomins is born to create the finest health food just for you by upholding the core values of safety, effectiveness, and tastiness.

Led by A Team of Professional Experts

“We make nutritional products that we ourselves are taking every day and falling in love with. We care for you like we care for ourselves.” - Founder of Ecomins

Ecomins takes pride in the health foods we produce. Our product development is led by a professional in-house R&D team under the helm of Dr Rita, a renowned nutrition specialist in the field to ensure our products are safe, effective and tasty.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team specialises in pooling resources and conducting research and surveys on health issues around the world, particularly in Asia. Following the identification of a health concern, our research team will develop an exclusive formulation using advanced technology and proven effective ingredients to address the current trending health issues.

Backed By Research and Science

The quality of a product is determined by the ingredients used to create it. Our team selects the best ingredients supported by clinical studies to develop a variety of effective formulas to satisfy the demands of our clients, with a strong dedication to creating safe and high-quality products.

We are working closely with some of the best international established and reputable manufacturers that can meet our high standards for quality. They have access to the latest technology and expertise such as clinical trials and statistics to support their credibility.

Our R&D team is in line with the growing healthcare industry and is built through intensive ingredient analysis, stringent material testing and meticulous quality control to determine the exact formula required to create the best product

Tastiness is as Important as Efficacy

Ecomins create supplements that are effective and quality without sacrificing the taste. If you are eating foods that you really don’t enjoy just because they are “good for you,” it’s likely that your body isn't absorbing much of the nutrients from those foods. And that is why Ecomins wants to make products that focus on both the efficacy and the taste so that you can best use the nutrition and enjoy their benefits to the fullest!

Why you need delicious nutritional products:

  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Consistency
  • Pleasure and satisfaction

When you enjoy what you are eating you will have a better sense of well-being.

Our Values

Commitment to Customers

Upholding a strong sense of commitment in helping people become healthier and happier, we put in every effort in the research and development for all of our products to make sure you get to enjoy the best of natural nutrition.

Always Back to Nature

We are a firm believer in the healing properties from nature in its most natural form and therefore we only use 100% natural ingredients in all Ecomins products.

Excitement to Your Taste Buds

We created over 100 different versions of each product for taste-test before settling on something we know you will enjoy. Our products taste wonderful on their own.

Highest Quality of Products

We know quality is what you are looking for and therefore we use only patented ingredients and essential nutrients that are backed by clinical studies to ensure its effectiveness.

Latest Formulation and Technology

We collaborate with researchers around the world to develop the most up-to-date formulation with the implementation of the latest technology.
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