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Product Formulation

Ecomins products are developed and formulated by a group of experts including:

  • Doctors
  • Dietitians
  • Nutritionists
  • Agricultural specialists
  • Related professionals and authorities
They synergize and work hand in hand to create nutritional products that are of the highest quality, and of course, tasty. Our team of professionals continuously monitors the entire process, from R&D to lab testing.
“From raw materials to completed products, we supervise layer by layer to ensure that our products comply with national legislation and health and safety requirements. With this commitment, we have developed a variety of products, including immune regulation, joint repair, blood sugar control, skin beautification, and gut health, and many others, to safeguard everyone's health in all aspects.”
Dr. Rita, Director of R&D Team

Our Production Process

We firmly adhere to the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia starting from the beginning of the product formulation until the end of the manufacturing production.

Raw Material Selection

We only partner with established and reputable manufacturers that can meet our high standards for quality.

The majority of the raw materials we selected are protected by either patented technologies or supported by clinical studies to ensure its effectiveness and make sure the materials are safe from heavy metals and microorganisms.

Quality Assurance

All Ecomins products adhere to the major health and safety management system certifications:

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Good Manufacturing Practice

Food Safety, Quality and Sustainability, Testing and Certification

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Food Safety Management System

To further maintain the quality, we also pay close attention to the product storage, in which all the completed products will be stored in a dry, well-ventilated premise at temperatures of 25°C to ensure the products’ freshness.

Professional Support

Ecomins is always ready to help. If you have any questions about the products or need any suggestions on how to improve your condition, feel free to ask for a consultation.

Our client service is trained and backed by a team of qualified experts to provide you with product-related information or any health/nutritional advice. You can always WhatsApp or email us to check on the things that you are in doubt about.


Although nutrition work wonders on your health, we believe that in order to achieve a long-term health goal, there are still other aspects that you have to look after such as:
  • Balanced diet
  • Physical activities
  • Healthy habit / lifestyle
  • Good social life
  • Stress management
However, if you are unwell or your symptoms persist, you are encouraged to seek doctor’s advice. Supplementation is not meant to substitute any medical treatment or diagnosis.

Safety and Quality

Ecomins is founded to empower people to take a step towards better health with the power of natural nourishment.

We make products that are of high quality so that you and your loved ones can be highly assured that you are getting an outstanding product and enjoy the true benefits of nutrition.

Discovering the inconsistency in terms of transparency and regulations in the market reaffirms our determination that we must make nutritional products that are safe, high-quality, and effective enough for everyone to use.

We care about your health and safety more than anything. Let us walk you through our testing process to see how we ensure the products you get are safe and effective.

How We Test Our Products

You are always our top priority and we only want the best for you. Ecomins products will undergo comprehensive third-party testing by accredited laboratories that follow international and national quality standards.

Do you know that all our products have to go through two rounds of lab-testing before they reach you? A safety test conducted before the manufacturing process and another round on the final products.

Ecomins products are tested for:

  • Heavy Metal Content
  • Microbial Contaminants
  • Non-Porcine Testing
  • Non-Alcohol Testing
  • Non-Medication (no steroids or any synthetic additives)

Third-Party Laboratories

We refer to the laboratories we use as "third-party" labs because they are not affiliated with Ecomins, which means that our test results are accurate and unbiased.

Our third-party laboratories are certified, accredited, and well-known in the industry. Among the partners with whom we collaborate are:

SGS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Halvec Laboratories

 ALS Malaysia

Product Liability Insurance

Ecomins is covered under a RM3 million public liability insurance. Our products are safe and we will make every effort to give you our best.

Certificates of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (also known as a COA) is a document that lists the findings of a product's tests.

These are essentially report cards, summarizing all of the hard work that goes into sourcing ingredients from reputable farms and ingredient suppliers.
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