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What Happens If Your Immune System Is Weakened?

Everyone has a superhero inside them which is our immune system. He acts as the defense against all baddies and invaders who hope to harm you. Remember how Superman became weak and defenseless against his worst nightmare, kryptonite.

This is exactly what is going to be like when your immune system becomes weak and loses its ability to protect you from harm.

Our immune system is a complex, interrelated system. It defends you against millions of bacteria, germs, viruses, poisons, and parasites that are hazardous to your health. 

Imagine what would happen when this powerful force in your body is now weakened. It would be a disastrous situation indeed. 

What Causes A Weak Immune System?

With the pace of life increasing by the day, it’s only natural that our immune systems are under danger from a variety of lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis. Stress, a sense of urgency, a lack of sleep, and a poor diet are all lifestyle factors that weaken the immune system.

  1. A lack of sleep

It’s crucial to remember that the amount of sleep you get, as well as the quality of sleep you get, has an impact on your immune system. If you want to enhance your immunity, you need to get the correct amount of “deep sleep” hours. Adults, in particular, require between 7 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep to sustain a healthy immune response.

  1. Insufficient physical activity

Regular physical activity has a significant impact on your immunity and can aid in the prevention of infections. Conversely, if you are not physically active at all, your immune system will not be able to build up the power it needs to fight off harmful diseases like the common cold and the flu.

  1. Smoking

The components included in cigarette smoke can reduce your body’s ability to resist illnesses, therefore smoking or being around smokers (secondhand smoke) can have an impact on your immune system. Take into account that your white blood cells are continually on the defensive, since they must constantly fight off the harm produced by cigarette smoke.

  1. Poor Diet

Always in a rush, with no time for good food? That puts your immunity in danger! Food is the most fundamental source of energy, as well as a source of the important nutrients required for immune system health. But how can you expect your immunity to stay strong if you’re not eating well?

  1. Stress

According to the National Cancer Institute, prolonged periods of high stress might have an impact on the immune system. Stress causes the brain to produce more of the hormone cortisol, which weakens infection-fighting abilities.

Cortisol can increase your immunity by reducing inflammation in short spurts. However, your body might become accustomed to having too much cortisol in your blood over time. And this invites even more inflammation.

The effects of these factors are often overlooked, but if you frequently become sick after a big project at work, it’s likely that your immune system has deteriorated as a result of stress, insufficient sleep, lack of exercise or unhealthy eating.

How do you know if you are having a weak immune system? Check out if you are facing any of these signs and symptoms below:

Signs & Symptoms of A Weak Immune System 

  1. You Feel Tired All The Time

Our immune system has many important functions besides fighting off disease. One of those important functions is to help us produce energy. When your immune system is weakened, your body produces less energy, which leads to fatigue and a feeling of being run down. 

  1. Your Wounds Are Slow To Heal

When we get a burn or cut, our wounds heal easily. Usually, we don’t need to notice the healing until it’s a deep tissue injury, or if the wound covers a big area. But, if your wounds take longer than normal to heal, or fester unusually for a long while, then it could indicate a weakening immune system.

  1. You Have Frequent Infections

A weakened immune system might make you more susceptible to illnesses and make it more difficult to get rid of them. It gets into your body when your immune system doesn’t produce enough antibodies to stop them. These infections may also indicate the presence of more serious issues.

  1. Constant stomach issues

The condition of our digestive system is closely connected to a large part of our immunity. If you have stomach problems on a regular basis, such as diarrhoea, bloating, constipation, and so on, this could be an indication of a weaker immune system.

  1. You Feel Stressed Or Burn-Out

When you are stressed out your body releases something called “cortisol”. This makes it harder for your body to fight off infections and disease. Too much cortisol in your bloodstream will make you feel tired, irritable and depressed.

What Could You Do to Boost Your Immune Health?

It may sound all dire and hopeless at this point. But no worries, ASODI is here to save the day. 

ASODI is a natural immune booster packed with powerful antioxidants and precious patented nutrients to help your body build a strong shield to keep the “bad guys” out, improve your overall immunity and supply essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy!

How can ASODI help you?

  • Support immune functions​
  • Promote healthy metabolism
  • Provide powerful antioxidants
  • Promote detoxification
  • Support cancer prevention
  • Cope with viral infections 
  • Effective against fever and flu symptoms​
  • Regulate blood pressure & glucose level ​
  • Slow down aging process​
  • Enhance skin’s youthfulness

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